Assessment Services

First Assess. Then Design.

Our Story

A Little About Us

Ubiquity was developed from the ground up to be focused on building and optimizing Infrastructures that enable our clients’ journey to the cloud, regardless of where they are today, how extensive they are interested in leveraging cloud technologies, and how quickly they are looking to adopt these new capabilities.  

Delivering Business Value

 Our business value approach ensures the priorities of our clients’ business are held as paramount throughout the assessment, design, and implementation phases. In short the success of our solutions are measured solely on the value they drive for your business.

Our Clients are First

Our team is here to help. And we firmly believe that all successful client engagements are based on a strong foundation of trust.  We invest in building these relationships with our clients as we believe we should first invest in them before we ask they invest in us. 

Network Assessments

  • Network Assessment
  • Security Assessment
  • Data Center and Hyper-Converged Assessment
  • End of Life and End of Service report
  • Service Contract Reporting

Storage Assessments


  • Virtualization Healthcheck
  • Storage performance and capacity assessment
  • Block and file optimization assessments
  • Hyper-converged use-case assessments 

Cloud Readiness Assessment

  • Identify Cloud Candidates
  • Map Application Dependencies
  • Create Cloud Roadmap

Virtualization Assessments

  • Assess your server, storage, network or already converged infrastructure for optimal design
  • Virtualization Healthcheck
  • Storage performance and capacity assessment

Vulnerability Assessments

  • Identify vulnerabilities in your network perimeter 
  • Improve your security posture
  • Prioritize largest threats

WAN Topology Assessments

  • Evaluate your telecom and carrier options
  • Consolidate Contracts
  • Reduce Carrier Costs
  • Improve WAN Performance and Availability
  • Leverage SD WAN Solutions
  • Create an SD WAN Strategy and Roadmap

Interested in no cost assessment?

There are many other ways we can provide assistance, but we hope you will give us the opportunity to provide one or more of these assessments to you at no cost and allow us to demonstrate our work ethic, competency, and value we can bring your business.